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The Year for New Beginnings

January 21, 2020

The year 2019 was a year for vulnerability.

It was a year of new adventures, new opportunities and new growth. Honestly, it’s the kind of growth I have been wanting for years, but I could never find the courage to embrace the fear and step out. To step out of my comfort zone.

To put myself out there.

However, in 2019 God gave me the courage and it turned into a beautiful year of new beginnings.

Over a Grande Vanilla latte at Starbucks, a lasting friendship blossomed. We bonded over the topic of OB ultrasound and connected on various levels. Because of the connection, that conversation evolved into an invitation; it became an invitation to use studio space at Hide and Seek Prenatal Peak for Newborn photography. Subsequently, that invitation pushed my vulnerability and encouraged me to put myself out there.

Every person tells a different story. Each person is unique. Put different people together and the energy is powerful.

One thing I learned from working in OB ultrasound is that everyone has a story to tell, albeit perhaps a messy one, but they have a beautifully unique story. Our patients got to take home an ultrasound picture which brought them back to that exact moment in time. I want families and couples to leave our time together with those timeless memories.

They deserve to leave feeling loved and encouraged.

Every person, every family, and every child I photographed in 2019 was a new page in my story. I witnessed an unparalleled love in an elder couple, I teared up over the miracle of newborn life, and I laughed at the humility of siblings who are raw in who they are.

That year.

The year 2019 was a year of new growth, vulnerability and stepping out.

Every beautiful person I had the honor to be with is a part of my new beginning. Each story and moment is timeless. It is cherished. Thank you! Cheers to 2019 being the beginning of my story, and 2020 being nowhere near the end.