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A Teacher and a Marine

February 11, 2020

Her eyes noticeably light up when they’re together. Fun energy. Kind hearts. Dedicated and loving souls. Together, they have it all. His tenderness and affection toward her is captivating. And it all started a year ago. A teacher and a Marine. It’s a love story and couple’s session for the books!

In a dress, Laura braved the cold weather for me.

However, she had Kirk’s arms to keep her warm. On a snowy Saturday, we walked around Shingletown Gap in Pennsylvania searching for the perfect location. However, in reality, no matter where we took pictures it was perfect because these two were the focus. Laura said her favorite thing about Kirk was his smile. I can see why. When he smiled at her, it was like in that moment nothing and no one else mattered. He smiled and looked at her with fierce love. It was dreamy and straight from a movie.

Kirk went to Penn State for his Bachelor’s degree after his career with the U.S Marine Corps. And that is when he met this fun-loving woman, Laura. Laura is a teacher. She has this infectious, outgoing personality that makes every interaction enjoyable! Above all, their common interest of spending hours together on their first date writes a story all in it’s own. The rest, as they say, is history.

I often hear, “We’re not photogenic.”

The quick glimpses back and forth. Shared smiles and laughs. Cracking jokes to one another. All of those plus the candid moments make for beautiful, raw and authentic images. Everyone is photogenic because everyone is unique. These two together tell a beautiful story. Kirk and Laura are photogenic in the most beautiful way. Because they are beautifully in love.

Kirk and Laura, thank you for the fun, laughs and honor of photographing your love story!