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I Loved My Job, But Hated It At That Time.

February 21, 2020

It wasn’t easy where I worked.

At all. Working in an amazing OB/GYN Ultrasound department, in a large city was difficult for me. At that time. I say amazing because we had some incredibly talented women working there as well as the best doctors around, not because I had an amazing time working there. I mean, I loved working there but I hated it at that time.

It was never easy to leave my personal life at the door. Like a beautifully tangled web, my personal life was intertwined with my professional. Also my professional came home with me. As OB Sonographers, we heard all the time, “I would love your job! You get to look at babies all day. That must be so fun!” False.

We also delivered the bad news to families and couples.

The heart-breaking news. So yes, while there were some really great days, there were also some really bad days. Working in that department while having a personal and intimate battle with “time” slowly took a toll on me. Being surrounded by women who were pregnant, some of which who didn’t want to be, began to turn my heart cold.

There were a lot of families, however, who lifted my spirits because they too battled time and fiercely won. So I had the honor and privilege of doing the ultrasound on their miracle! Months passed by. Each one no less painful than the previous. From the outside, I looked happy and content. On the inside, I was falling apart one day at a time. Thank God for Bruce. His strength and encouragement picked up my broken pieces. He was keeping my heart warm.

Back to the doctors we went.

Now Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) was our best chance for success. I was discouraged by life. At that time. However, we jumped into it hopeful and excited. We were ready to see a positive test. We were ready for the next chapter to begin. We were ready to be a family of five.