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A Cozy Newborn Session

February 24, 2020

Welcome balloons and signs decorate their house warmly. Elephants and the color blue is the theme for the nursery. I was welcomed with a cup of coffee by Brandon. Also by a hug from Megan! Kova was fast asleep, wearing a warm, fleece onesie. Similarly, he was wrapped in a beautiful blue blanket with his name on it, given to them by a close friend. Sleeping, Kova looked like an angel. It was a very cozy new born session.

Megan said they never planned to move back to the area.

However, it’s funny how life can change so quickly. Megan is a native to the area and actually a friend from high school. Reconnecting with her and doing this session was so fun for me! Her and Brandon lived and married in South Carolina. Because of a great job opportunity, they moved back quickly. This is where they became a family of three.

Brandon held Kova with such tenderness.

Rocking back and forth, he soothed Kova with such patience. Clearly, Kova is in love with his daddy. When I was taking pictures of Kova in his Valentine’s Day outfit (which Brandon picked out), Brandon was watching with such a glow in his eyes. The smile on his face was so pure. It is obvious how in love he is with his son!

It is obvious how in love Megan is with Brandon. And she is tickled-pink in love with her new son! She carried him, held him and looked at him with such amazement. Megan often referred to Kova as, “my sweet baby.” Knowing Megan for over 10 years and now seeing her as a mom was so humbling. The three of them make a beautiful family. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home with such love and grace!