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Friends and Fellow Parents

March 9, 2020

It certainly came as no surprise. We knew from spending time with them that they were going to make outstanding parents. They both work hard at their jobs and have created a fun and loving life together. Jokes are often spoken at the expense of one another. However, rooted deep in the jokes and fun is a never-ending amount of love. Being in their presence is so light and easy; we’re blessed to be able to call them friends. So, of course it came as no surprise that they would create new life, and what a cute little miracle Waylon is!

Dave and Bruce became friends through work and selfishly, I love it.

Bruce belly-laughs with these guys, and because of spending hours upon hours together daily, they’ve created a tight-knit friendship. A friendship that transcends beyond work hours. It comes as no surprise that Dave is an awesome dad. When he plays with Grayson he is just so naturally in his element. Picking him up, spinning him around, and tickling him – it’s no wonder why Grayson loves Dave so much. Watching Dave now with a son of his own is so sweet. In the blink of an eye, Dave will soon be picking up Waylon spinning him around and tickling him. Creating a father/son relationship that is tighter than the constrictor knot – a knot that is difficult or impossible to untie once tightened.

Breanne, in her sweet nature, is thriving as a new mom!

Of course though; that doesn’t come as a surprise either. When she laughs and smiles, especially when holding Waylon, you know you are in the presence of unconditional love. I love that Dave and Bruce work together selfishly because I have gained a friend. One whom is easy to talk to and so enjoyable to be around. Waylon is blessed with such an amazing mom and I’m so excited to have another “boy mom,” like Breanne as a close friend!

Waylon is perfect in every way and certainly doesn’t help with the baby fever we’ve been experiencing! Swaddling made him content, eating made him happy but being held by his mom and dad, you could tell, made him feel safe and at home. Thank you so much Dave and Brenne for blessing us with your friendship and now with your sweet little angel, Waylon!