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Mattis the Miracle

March 10, 2020

Everything about our conversation was easy. The emails back and forth planted a seed of connection. We connected through loss. And miracles. Cortnie said, “Though all babies are special, this one puts a little extra sparkle in our eye. He brings us the gist of humility and peace.” In that moment, I knew the session was going to be raw. It was beautiful and real. It was a sunny day outside. But inside the studio was a rainbow. A rainbow of hope and peace. That precious rainbow is named Mattis.

Josh bravely served in the United States Marine Corps for several years.

So when Cortnie asked if we could incorporate some of his belongings, I was so excited to say yes! Josh gently unfolded and laid down his uniform. Symbolic to me of the way he so proudly entered into the Marines, willing to lay down his life for this country. Josh was beaming as a dad during the session. Mattis, named after a retired general, is Josh’s pride and joy. It’s obvious. Mattis seemed to feel completely at peace and loved in Josh’s arms.

Two hours was all it took.

Two hours was all it took. In that time, through conversation and observation, I learned that Cortnie is not only a kind-hearted woman, but she is a super-stellar mom and wife! Talking to her was like talking to a friend I’ve known for years. It was easy. Enjoyable to say the least. Real conversation and hard topics. She speaks with gentle eloquence. On more than one occasion she said she was excited that we received our miracle. I, on the other hand, couldn’t have been more excited that they received theirs!

Mattis was a gem throughout the entire session! Awake or asleep, he was perfectly content. I felt the humility and peace Cortnie talked about in her initial email. Photographing him sleeping was like taking pictures of an angel. Tears filled my eyes seeing Cortnie and Josh’s hands so tenderly cradling Mattis’ head. There is so much love in that picture. So much love in that family! Thank you Cortnie and Josh for giving me the privilege of photographing your beautiful miracle!