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Beautiful Baby Doll

March 17, 2020

She arrived at the studio sound asleep. In a sleeper that was soft pink and delicate looking. Lidiya woke Ava to feed her again while we chatted about what Lidiya envisioned for the session. There was a purple head band and beautiful lace cover, a silk pink swaddle and a lot of love that Lidiya wanted to incorporate into the pictures including one of James, her husband, holding Ava in his arms. When Ava woke up, she looked like a baby doll with her beautiful big eyes and perfect little nose. The session was a dream!

Ava was awake and alert. Her eyes were fixated on her mom and dad. They swooned over her as I kept hearing James say, “Isn’t she so beautiful?” Being swaddled was Ava’s favorite. Because as soon we did, she slowly and calmly fell fast asleep. Making her look even more like a baby doll! The purple lace cover that Lidiya put so much thought into, draped over Ava like a princess. Wrapped in lace and delicate beads.

Lidiya and James met when James was deployed with the U.S Army over seas.

Their love story is straight from a book. They met, fell in love, she moved to America and the rest as they say is history. Lidiya is such a tender and sweet mom. She looks over Ava with such pride. James held Ava in his arms. There, she looked so safe and protected! Ava was a dream to photograph. Thank you so much Lidiya and James for giving me the honor of photographing your beautiful family!