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Generations Of Love

March 23, 2020

She was so excited! Kara was a proud new mom to a beautiful baby boy; she included a picture with her inquiry! Of course, conversation was easy. And her enthusiasm and excitement for the session was infectious. She spoke about generations of love which included family heirlooms. Those which she wished to include in the session. They arrived at the studio with huge smiles. I could tell our time spent together was going to be relaxing and enjoyable. However, I didn’t realize at the time just how connected we would end up feeling.

Addison is a police officer who is proud of what he does.

Protect is what he does best. So it came as no surprise when I witnessed him protect and nurture both Kara and Elon. Gentle and loving; Addison and Kara compliment each other perfectly. Together, they are an unstoppable duo who love Elon fiercely. When Kara asked if we could incorporate his hat and badge into a few pictures, I was so excited. There is just something about incorporating the dad’s belongings into a newborn session that makes the session go from great to unforgettable. This was definitely that session!

Kara brought out two family pieces that, without question, would be in pictures. A beautiful blue blanket that was crocheted for Elon by his great grandmother, and a timeless white sweater and booties that was crocheted by Elon’s great-great grandmother for Kara’s older brother when he was a baby. This sweet little boy is blessed to have met his grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother. Generations of love and hope are wrapped around him! Elon has some amazing and strong women in his life and is so blessed to have such precious angels looking after him!

Kara being one and his first true love! She is a natural. Being a mom just comes easy to her. And it is obvious. The way she talked to him so gently. And looked at him with unconditional love. Kara kept saying, “He’s so sweet” and oh my goodness, was he ever! We connected on various topics and upon leaving that session, I felt this overwhelming sense of excitement and joy. Excitement because I know we will get together again and joy because I hope to photograph this sweet family more! Thank you so much Gingrich family for including me in the love that surrounded that session! You’re all amazing and I hope to see you again soon!