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A Romantic Elopement at the Park

April 1, 2020

Her white dress was beautifully simple and elegant. She created her own stunning wedding bouquet. Melinda looked at her new husband with this overwhelming excitement. Like they just hit the jackpot. They had their second date at a sweet little park in State College. And that is where they committed themselves to one another for a lifetime of adventure. Melinda and Markus found true love in one another. A partner for life. So they did, in fact, hit the jackpot. Their romantic elopement at the park was perfect. Honestly, it was unforgettable.

Markus works in the Information Technology (IT) department at Penn State University. Likewise, Melinda also works at Penn State. She is in her 6th year of her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and teaches Health Psychology. So it came as no surprise when this Penn State loving couple decided to go with an engagement ring that had a sapphire as the center stone rather than a diamond.

Markus proposed to Melinda around their anniversary.

In sweet words wrapped around a wine bottle, he popped the question. The best part of the proposal, in my opinion, was that he was just so in love with her and couldn’t wait to spend his life with her that he proposed before he picked up the ring. Talk about being head-over-heals in love! He couldn’t wait to propose. Above all, they couldn’t wait to start their new life together. So they planned an intimate wedding, just the two them, where their love story began. At Spring Creek Park.

Unfortunately, there is much chaos surrounding the world right now. However, in that moment, the world was at peace. Nothing else mattered. The only thing that mattered was declaring their unconditional love for each other. Promising themselves to one another forever. Exchanging rings and creating a new identity as husband and wife. Free from all chaos in the world. Love was the only thing that was there. A real, excited and beautiful love. It’s humbling. And a sweet reminder that love truly does conquer all. No matter what.

Melinda and Markus, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to learn your love story and be there on your happiest day! I wish you a lifetime of adventure and excitement!