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Birthdays Are A Big Deal

June 11, 2020

Turning one is a big deal. For the parents and family members, that is. We reminisce on what it was like when they first entered the world. And made eye contact with us for the first time. Remembering how perfectly their tiny hands fit in ours. Their first smile. And the discovery of their sweet little voice. They learn how to crawl and start to walk. Independence is right around corner. So turning one is a big deal. We remember and reflect. But it excites us for the many more that are yet to come!

Taylor and his entire family have been like family to us for a long time.

Being with them is always enjoyable and it never gets old. And photographing them is always a great time! We spent a beautiful evening in Boalsburg together. But the real beauty was in Taylor. His smile, both serious and silly, made my heart so warm. He was pointing to the water, trucks and his Chocolate Lab sister, Bella. And he was all smiles. He is so observant and inquisitive. Looking at him, it was noticeable he was taking it all in. It was humbling.

Taylor turned one.

And what an amazing year it has been! Every day he learns something new, and I swear he gets bigger and more handsome every time I see him. It is impossible to be anything by happy when I’m with his family. So warm and loving.  Tyler and Kaly, I am so blessed to have you in my life! Watching our boys grow up together is a dream come true. I can’t wait for the next adventure together.