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A Rustic Engagement

July 7, 2020

We met at Rooted Farmstead. It was a warm, sunny summer evening. A rustic engagement session that fit them beautifully. I had been in contact with Katie for a few months, but thanks to Covid-19, our meeting had to be postponed. However, when we finally met it was pure joy! They got out of their car smiling. Katie’s laugh was infectious and natural. I knew in that moment the hour we were about to spend together was going to be so easy and fun. Katie politely stated, “We have no idea what we’re doing! I’m sorry if we’re awkward.” What she didn’t realize is that her perception of “awkward” was really perfection!

Have you ever met a person who you thought, “Oh yeah, we could so be friends!”

That is Katie. Down to earth and light-hearted. Her organic laughter is like a melody. Zach makes her smile and laugh in a way that is beautiful to photograph. So authentic. Zach looks at her with such admiration and excitement. After one hour together, I learned that not only do we live a mile apart from each other, but that these two were made for each other!

Their engagement story is one of my favorites.

Katie stated that she never really wanted a public engagement; however, Zach had other plans in mind. Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub may not be considered the most romantic place, but it was the perfect location for them. They both laughed so hard when telling the story because when he got down on one knee and proposed, no one made a peep. No one clapped. A big “congratulations” did not come from every direction. Nothing. But guess what? It was perfect. It was just them. Intimate and personalized. A grand “congratulations” may be nice; however, that is not what the moment is about. It was about Zach telling Katie how much he could not wait to spend his life with her.

Thank you Zach and Katie for sharing your stories with me! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness! Don’t ever let the laughter fade. Your love is beautiful and needs to be shared! I hope to see you both again soon.