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A Year of Uncertainty and Miracles

July 20, 2020

For the majority of people, 2020 has been a crazy year. Thanks to Covid-19, this year has been filled with uncertainty. And constantly changing news. However, the Trunzo family will forever look at 2020 as an amazing year. Albeit different than they planned. But it brought them an unfathomable love! A new world of excitement! Theodore entered this world on May 27th. Dan and Whitney are both health care heroes who have worked tirelessly though the pandemic. But now they take on a new job as mom and dad. And honestly, that’s the best job there is!

Because of Coronavirus, we had to switch our in-studio newborn session to outdoor at Talleyrand Park in Bellefonte.

But honestly, I’m glad we did. I got to know Dan and Whitney so much better with the freedom of being outside. What they do. How incredibly awesome and down to earth they are. However, getting to photograph them as a new family was by far my favorite. They smiled so naturally when they held or looked at Theodore. Watching them look at him, I felt this sense of Whitney and Dan picturing all the fun adventures they’re going to go on as a family. How unique and strong his life is going to be. I felt the love they hold for one another, and now Theodore.

Speaking of their love for one another, I learned that Whitney and Dan got married on a cruise ship! Seriously, how cool is that! We talked about their wedding day and how it transitioned into a honeymoon, and how much fun that was. It then made perfect sense that they wanted a nautical theme for some of Theodore’s pictures. It was an overcast day, but being with the Trunzo family definitely made the day feel much more bright.

Thank you, Whitney and Dan for reaching out to me to photograph your handsome little man! I wish you all a lifetime of fun adventures and endless memories. I hope to see your family again soon.