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A Long Awaited Miracle

July 31, 2020

Robert is a miracle. And I don’t just mean because he was born. I mean because he was born perfectly healthy despite the negative odds that were given to Danielle and Dustin from the beginning. The held their breath for nine months. On the day Robert was born, Danielle and Dustin were joined by several doctors, ready to whisk Robert away. However, when he came out they said, “He’s perfect! He’s a miracle baby!” Their hearts were full. And the world quickly became a bit sweeter.

When Danielle reached out to me, her excitement for this baptism was wonderfully overwhelming.

She shared her story and how important this day was for her family. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, they were unable to have their extended families join them and celebrate this milestone. It made me even more excited to be a part of this beautiful dedication! We met at Our Lady of Victory in State College, and my heart instantly overflowed with excitement and love for their family.

Baptisms are so intimate and meaningful. However, when life throws you a curveball, you look at them from a different perspective. I looked at Robert, and I couldn’t help but smile. I was smiling because he is a reminder of God’s grace. He is a child who radiates hope. Danielle and Dustin looked at him with such amazement. It was as though in that moment, they shared a time of reflection. Thankful for the beautiful blessing that God had given their entire family! The small baptism was beyond perfect. And it moved me to tears.

Danielle and Dustin, I am so thankful that you invited me to be a part of this beautiful day with your family! Robert is a miracle, and I am so excited to see the plans that God has for his life! Your family is so great, and I wish you all nothing but the best that life can give!