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Magic In The Sunflower Farm

August 6, 2020

There is something so tearfully wonderful about watching a mom and her son together. Maybe it’s because I’m a boy mom myself. But to witness that love is magical. And I can’t even begin to describe that magic during my hour with Katilina and Dyson. The sunflower farm that Katilina chose was the perfect location. However, it does not even compare to how beautiful the two of them were together. Perfect in every way.

As we walked through Smithmyer’s Farm, Katilina and I talked about our boys. Only to find out that Dyson and my son were born on the exact same day only an hour apart! Dyson, with his curly hair, is so adorable but in that moment my heart instantly softened. He walked right into a special part of my heart. He was pointing out the colors of everything, and of course he enjoyed his time playing with rocks and dirt. But watching him run from me into Katilina’s arms brought tears to my eyes. Instantly. The way he wrapped his arms around her neck, it was obvious that Katilina is his whole world. How he looked at her with an unforgettable innocent smirk. And the smile on his face as he ran back toward me was pure joy. Wild and free.

There is no doubt that these two were a match made in Heaven.

It’s easy to see why Dyson shares so much love and excitement for everything. Katilina is an incredible mom and she pours so much love and excitement into him. We walked all over that farm, and I loved every second of it because it allowed me a small glimpse into just how strong of a woman Katilina is. Fearless. She is an outstanding woman. But she’s an even better mom.

Katilina, I wish we could have met so long ago! You are such a gentle soul with an amazing little boy. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I hope to see you two again soon!