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A Never Ending Story

September 2, 2020

This was not my first time with this family. And I pray it won’t be the last! Everything about being with them is easy. The energy is high. And the laughs are endless. However, their smiles are my favorite because they almost seem to tell a story. A story of overcoming the hard times and beating the odds. To me, their smiles reveal just how deep their love for each other runs. They have opened their hearts to me. So being with them is like being with family. And I love every second of it.

The story begins back when I took pictures of Mattis as a new born.

And seeing how much he has grown in the past six months makes my heart burst with joy! We shared memories and connected on a deep level. When Sandy reached out to me for family pictures, I very quickly and excitedly responded with, “yes!” The wonderful Rooted Farmstead made for the perfect location. It offered beautiful flowers, an open field and gorgeous barns!

When we got on location, Sandy’s daughter Devin got out of the car with her daughter and the smiles were instant. Sweet Mckinlee has sass and spunk, and it could not have been better to photograph. She ran the show, and it was so much fun! But what was even more fun was watching them all together. Their family dynamic is unique and honest. Nothing fake about it. All of their fun personalities blend together perfectly. Complimenting each other in the best way possible. As we walked all over the farm finding the perfect place to take pictures, I quickly realized something. The beauty of the session had nothing to do with location. In fact, it had everything to do with the story their hearts tell; a beautifully hand-written novel by God that is far from over. And that is what made the time spent with them so perfect.

Sandy, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Your family is a blessing to me and I can’t wait to watch your family soar to even more beautiful heights.