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The Perfect Girl

September 21, 2020

Eliana is perfect. Her cute button nose and adorable tiny ears. Each little finger wrapped tightly around Julie’s finger. She was content being swaddled. But she loved being held! The best part about this session was watching Julie with her daughter because Julie was told by doctors that a pregnancy would likely never happen. But it did. And watching Julie look down at Eliana with such amazement made my heart beat a little faster imaging the big plans that God has for their family. Everything was perfect in its own way.

Caden, the proudest big brother, swooned over his baby sister.

He kept saying, “I want to make her happy,” anytime she fussed. And he loved trying to make her laugh. As we walked around Tudek Park, Caden was the champion of ideas! Ideas of where to take pictures and whether to sit or stand. He was so patient in everything we did, and anytime we had to stop and re-swaddle or re-position Eliana, he sat waiting and would ask, “Is it my turn yet?” Caden has a heart of gold. And I could watch him with his baby sister and mom all day.

All Julie wanted was pictures of the details. She wanted to remember Eliana’s sweet little nose and how tiny her hands were in comparison to her own. But she needed pictures of them together. As any mom does. This sweet little miracle is going to change everything. Julie was a nurse and is a teacher, so she knows how precious this time is and how fast it can go by. Talk about a great mom. Julie is it! She is fierce and strong and loves with a heart that overflows!

Julie, thank you so much for spending time with me and allowing me in on some of the most exciting times! I am so excited for your family, and I can’t wait to watch life grow to beautiful lengths for you all!