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Love through the Generations

September 22, 2020

As soon as she pulled out the horse saddle, I was sold. Pam said, “This was my grandmother’s saddle, and I grew up riding horses;” in that moment, I knew the session was going to be amazing. Generations of love. And generations of memories. When Pam introduced me to Sutton, my heart melted into a puddle. Pam and Jason beamed with pride over their little angel. But the love that transcended generations is what stole the show.

We quite literally took the cowboy boots right of Pam’s dad’s feet.

The barn at the General Potter’s Farm made for the perfect country backdrop. Pam swaddled Sutton in a sweet pink swaddle and laid her in her grandmother’s saddle with her dad’s boots and cowboy hat next to it. Right there. In one picture was generations of love and passion. But the best part was watching Pam’s dad look at his precious granddaughter. His eyes spoke louder than any words could. Joy and excitement. Wonderment and anticipation. Pam kept saying, “She is just so cute!” and oh my goodness, she was the cutest!

The rain may have caused us to post-pone half of the session, but when we met the second time, it was even better than the first! Watching Jason just sway back and forth and listening to him talk to Sutton was the sweetest thing, ever. He talked to her casually and in a sweet tone. But the way she just looked at him and she calmed down was like magic. It was obvious that there is a fun romance between Pam and Jason. A love I could photograph time and time again. They are so fun! And the way they make each other laugh is like music to my ears. Listening to them as I photographed their sleeping angel, was so sweet. Not only was Sutton dressed like an adorable angel, but it was obvious that Sutton will forever be their real life angel.

Pam and Jason, it was so nice seeing you…twice! Thank you for being so patient with the weather, but I’m so glad I got to spend twice as much time with you! I wish you guys a lifetime of adventure and love. I hope to see you guys again soon!


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