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A Special Family

September 30, 2020

Three and a half years ago. That is when I was introduced to this family. And they changed my heart. Because I was with Brooke and Annie every day, they turned into “my kids.” When we would be out at the park, sometimes other moms would ask, “How old are your girls?” to which I would proudly answer with their age. When I decided to start my own business, these girls were my models. All the time. When we went through our infertility treatments, this family was the encouragement. While Annie and Brooke may not actually be my kids, they sure prepared my mom-heart for becoming an actual mom. And they taught me more patience, love and joy than I could have ever imagined.

Tim and Kayt have it figured out.

Not only do they work extremely hard and have a beautiful family, but their marriage is admirable. They make time to prioritize each other. And they still seek adventure both with and without the kids. Tim and Kayt are both so down to earth. Just an honest to goodness fun couple! They are real in every sense of the word in that they are uniquely who they are and proud of it. When Kayt reached out to me about taking family pictures, I was over the moon excited about seeing them and “my girls.”

We met at Oak Hall Regional Park in Boalsburg for a beautiful fall evening. It was the perfect place to let the girls explore! Picking wildflowers and laughing the entire time. Also it was the perfect place to let their new “fur-baby,” Coco run! Kayt dressed the family like models, as always. And the time spent there was filled with smiles. This pandemic has thrown everyone for a crazy ride, but this family has kept it together with grace. And I’m so thankful for them.

Thank you Tim and Kayt for honestly, everything! I had so much fun taking pictures of your beautiful family, as always, and I can’t wait to see you all again.