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Good Times at The Haven

October 19, 2020

“The Haven,” is where it all began. Courtney and I had a Health class together. We bonded over sports, family and our dislike for walking up 1000 steps a day to get to our dorm. Our quirky personalities meshed very well. And we spent the majority of our time together laughing. Over what, it didn’t matter! Everything was fun. Or funny. After we left, “The Haven,” life took us on separate paths. However, our paths merged back together for a beautiful hour spent with her amazing family!

Naturally, we met in Lock Haven.

Her family rolled out of the car looking like they walked straight out of an Old Navy Catalogue. It was perfect! The morning was quite cool. So the snuggly family pictures were a must! Courtney and Kyle looked at the girls with so much love. Both mentioning how much Peyton loved her picture taken. She was a total model, and it was amazing! I didn’t even need to tell her what to do; she just did her thing and said, “It this good?” Peyton, it was perfect! Lennox was so precious in her adorable yellow headband and moccasin’s that barely stayed on her feet.

Courtney and Kyle are such a down-to-earth couple who is raising two beautiful girls. Photographing them was so natural and easy because they are so natural. I loved watching them together. How they laughed at each other so effortlessly. And how they watched the girls just playing on the blanket while I took their pictures. I am so glad we met, once again, at “The Haven,” for an hour filled with laughing and beautiful memories.

Courtney, thank you so much for reaching out to me! It was amazing seeing you and your family. Thanks for reminiscing with me about the good ol’ days! I can’t wait to see you all again!


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