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Love and Emotion

October 20, 2020

Everything about the hour was perfect. A wide range of emotions consumed my time. Laughter and smiles. Playing and running. Romance and tenderness. The Park family is the epitome of beautiful. And living for the moment. There was so much emotion in one hour that I left with a heart full of gratitude and joy. But the best part was watching this family reveal the inner beauty and deep love for each other.

The weather was perfect.

The sunlight was dreamy and soft. The park in Boalsburg was perfect for the fall foliage. Their outfits were on point. And they exited the car with big smiles! Immediately upon starting, Phoibe stole the show. She proudly said, “cheese” with the most adorable smile, ever! If I could have physically melted into a puddle, I without a doubt would have. When she smiled, I felt a sense of peace within myself. It made me feel like even if just for a few seconds, all was right with the world. However, the best part was watching Andrew and Thea’s reaction when Phoibe smiled. Or did anything really! They looked at her with a love that I can’t even put into words. I just felt it in my chest. The way they played together and held each other with tenderness, screamed a family dynamic that you see in movies.

You want to talk about romance? Everything about Andrew and Thea was effortless. It was humbling, truly to witness. There was unmistakable emotion in every picture. I have known Andrew for a good portion of my life, so watching him grow in his marriage and thrive as a dad brings me so much happiness. However, it does not surprise me. Andrew has always had a beautiful heart, and it’s a heart that beats for Thea and Phoibe. And the way he compliments Thea was movie-quality! Thea has such a genuine heart and is so sweet, I could have spent the hour just talking to her. It was really a perfect hour!

Andrew and Thea, it was so great seeing you both! I absolutely love watching your family, and I can’t wait to see you again!