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A lifetime of Excitement

October 28, 2020

It’s new excitement every time. When I walk into the home of new families, anxious with anticipation for their session, I feel overwhelmed with joy. Some because I remember exactly what that feels like. And a lot because there is just so much love and curiosity surrounding the future. Alisha and Ross welcomed me into their home with warmth and happiness. There was no question that sweet little Chloe came home to a house full of love.

The details of the nursery were on point.

A table that was passed through generations. Flowers that were made by family. Everything had a story. And the tone in Alisha’s voice when she told each story radiated the love that surrounds her, Ross and Chloe. I know I say this about a lot of babies, but oh my goodness, Chloe was an angel! Her sweet button nose and perfect little cheeks were enough to bring tears to my eyes. And don’t even get me started on her sweet baby feet! Alisha rocked Chloe in a beautiful rocking chair, and for a few minutes I just stopped taking pictures. I wanted to take in the beautiful moment between a mom and her new daughter. Because it is a bond like nothing else. Chloe flashed a few sleep smiles, and my heart just melted. Alisha spoke to Chloe so softly. But adding Ross in the pictures, I almost couldn’t stand it.

He looked at Chloe with such wonder. Talk about a bond like nothing else. Chloe already has Ross wrapped around her beautiful, tiny finger! When he looked at her, you could tell he was taking in every detail about her. I absolutely love watching dads and daughters because from day one, the bond is unbreakable. The three of them together as a family is beautiful to see. Alisha and Ross giggled when they looked at each other, and it was perfect.

Alisha, thank you so much for reaching out to me! I was so excited to come and take pictures and even more excited to edit them because everything about the time spent there was amazing! I wish you all a lifetime of fun and love and I sincerely hope to see you all again soon!