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Fall Is My Favorite

November 9, 2020

Fall is my absolute favorite! There is a chill in the air. We get to snuggle up to the ones we love. And drink hot apple cider while watching Hocus Pocus. The leaves go from green to a beautiful red and orange, so driving on back roads become serene. But most of all, Fall brings about a change. And it always encourages me to stop and reflect on what I can change within myself. Aside from the fact that my birthday is in the Fall, there is always something that makes every Fall my favorite. And this year it was getting the opportunity to photograph these amazing families!

Watching kids play in the leaves fills my heart with excitement!

The way they look at a leaf pile with such enthusiasm is magical. It forces me to stop and just enjoy the moment. This was my first year doing Fall Mini Sessions all in the same location, and I absolutely loved it! The General Potter Farm was a stunning backdrop for these sessions. Each family came with smiles. And an overabundance of love. The kids loved throwing leaves up in the air and fetching chestnuts. The best part? Watching the parents watch their kids. You could see the stillness in their eyes. In those moments, all was right with the world.

And I always make it a point to photograph just the parents. Because lets be honest, once you have kids you don’t often get pictures of just the two of you anymore! These are some of my favorite pictures because you can just see them go back to a time, ever so briefly, where it was just the two of them. The romance surfaces and the smiles and laughs are so pure and organic.  These families were the best!! And they made this Fall season my favorite!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Fall Mini sessions!! You better believe we are doing it again next year because my time with all of you was the best! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.