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A Perfect Time Together.

November 16, 2020

It was the perfect hour. A beautiful, cool Fall evening. The bright colors of the leaves surrounded us. Lauren stepped out of her car looking like royalty! Her beautiful purple dress was everything I hoped for! And Ethan, looking dapper, complimented her amazingly just as he always does. I love doing maternity sessions because both people’s hands always seem to gravitate toward the belly so naturally. As if to say, “I can’t wait to meet you.” Lauren and Ethan made the hour perfect. But the real perfection is the love that they are about to experience when their sweet baby girl makes her grand entrance in this world.

The hour was simple.

And organic. We met at the ReFarm Café in State College, and these two were naturals behind the camera! Minimal posing required because they just know how to be adorable! It was a chilly evening. But the spark between Lauren and Ethan create so much love and warmth! The way these two smile at each other and laugh is like straight out of a romantic comedy movie. It makes time go too fast!

However, the best part is all the quiet moments. The times where they gently look at each other. Or look at Laurent’s belly in love. Wondering who she is in there. This little girl doesn’t realize how lucky she is. But soon, she will know just how blessed she is. Blessed to have amazing parents. Parents who are so in love with each other and excited to go on many, many adventures with her as a new family!

Lauren and Ethan, I am so so excited for you both! Watching you two together makes my heart overflow with joy and excitement! And a lot of anticipation! You two have created such a beautiful life together, and I can’t wait to witness the next chapter. She is already loved beyond anything fathomable. Congratulations to all of you!