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They Grow So Fast

November 23, 2020

You may hear people say, “Don’t blink. Kids grow so fast.” Well, until you live it, you find that hard to believe. But there is so much truth to that! So much so, that Katie got teary-eyed just talking about how much Mia has grown in the past three weeks. How much she has changed. We had that conversation shortly after I arrived at their adorable home. And it was in that moment that I knew our time together was going to be beautifully emotional. Babies do grow so fast, and at times it seems unfair. But watching them change and learn new things is some of the most exciting memories that we get as parents!

I was greeted at the door by their three fur-kids.

Katie has a heart for dogs, and I know this because I’ve known Katie for the greater portion of my life. Which makes seeing her as a wife and mom all the sweeter for me. The way she looked at Mia was of pure wonderment. In the quiet moments we spent in the nursery, I could see tears in Katie’s eyes. I could feel the love from across the room! Katie is over-the-moon in love with Mia. And the emotion in the room was flawless. Add in David, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Pictures don’t even do justice to how beautiful the three of them together truly are. The way Katie perfectly snuggles into David, and the way David holds Katie was picture-perfect. Mia is so blessed to have such beautiful and loving parents! But everyone knows I have a soft spot for dads and daughters. David stared at Mia almost the entire time, and I didn’t want him to stop. You could see the unbreakable bond almost immediately.

But the best part of the session was at the very end.

David walked into the bedroom with a folded American flag. He shared that his grandfather, who had served in the Navy for 20 years, had passed away 24 hours after Mia was born. David’s grandmother gifted him with the flag that was draped over his grandfather’s casket. In that moment, time stopped. And there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. David sat on the bed with Mia and his grandfather’s flag. And photographing that was beyond special. There is no doubt in my mind that Mia’s guardian angel, David’s grandfather, was there with us the whole time.

Katie and David, thank you so much for reaching out to me to photograph such a special time in your life! You two are such a beautiful couple, and you are even better parents! I am so thankful for you both.