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The First Trip Around the Sun

December 1, 2020

The first trip around the sun is a big deal! Some for the kiddos or siblings, but mostly for the parents. It’s a time to reflect. How much they have learned in the last year. And how much they have grown. As a parent, the first year is exhausting. So much change and so many tears. Exhaustion that I didn’t even know existed. But it’s filled with more love and excitement for the future than I ever thought possible. Well, Cody and Alyssa embraced all the change that comes with parenting the first year and pour out more love to Harper than my heart could handle. And it was amazing!

The time spent together was beautiful.

The lighting was perfect. And the smiles were endless. We met at Harner Farm for some family Christmas pictures. But the main focus was Harper! She was more interested in exploring the farm. However, when she sat and smiled, or even better – giggled, it was like the world stopped. It was the sweetest sound! Cody and Alyssa are so beautiful together. And it is evident that their family is tighter than I could accurately photograph. The way that Cody and Alyssa looked at each other was humbling. I was in the presence of an intense love! But the best part was watching them watch Harper dig into her cake

Harper’s beautiful cake was made by one of Alyssa’s friends. And Harper was so dainty with her cake-smash. A true princess. She gently dug her fingers in the cake and tasted the frosting. However, once Alyssa helped her get down into the thick of the cake it was game on. Like most toddlers, she would have rather played in the cake than really eat it. But that’s totally fine! It was so fun to watch her explore the cake. And it was even more fun to watch Alyssa and Cody in that moment. It was as if their hearts were saying, “Yep. That princess is ours. I can’t believe it.” They swooned over Harper, and as a parent it made my heart melt.

Thank you so much Alyssa for reaching out to me! I loved getting to know your family! I hope and pray that Harper’s next trip around the sun is even better than the first. Your family is beautiful, and I hope to see you all again soon!