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An Energizing Hour

December 5, 2020

Who knew so much beauty could be in one session? And so much laughter. We met first thing in the morning, so the air was brisk. It was refreshing and energizing to breathe in. However, not as energizing as my time with Rachael and Diana. The hour was pure. And conversation endless. Everything about our time together was easy. And wholesome. I knew driving out to location that we were going to have fun. But I didn’t realize at the time just how much fun.

Blaine was a natural.

As soon as he stepped out of the car, he was ready to go. He had a smile on his face and he was dressed to impress. His smile is enough to melt your heart. Before really even talking to him, I could just tell that his heart is genuine and filled with empathy. A love that makes my mom-heart skip beats. I asked him what he called his moms and he quickly replied (with a smile of course), “This is Mom, and this is Mommy!” I knew in that moment that Blaine is a truly special boy. Not only did he pose himself like a model, but he knew exactly what I was going to ask before I even asked it! I’m telling you, he was a natural behind the camera. But the best part is the way held Rachael’s hand and looked up his parents so fondly. It brought tears to my eyes.

And the way that Rachael and Diana look at Blaine is of pure love.

When we broke off and took pictures of just Rachael and Diana, there was a spark. A spark of true happiness. And a reason to believe in love. They never stopped giggling which was perfect. But during the quiet moments, I just observed the way they looked at each other. A dynamic team that is unstoppable and loving! Rachael owns a beautiful flower shop called Flowers by Rachael and graciously offered to provide some flower crowns for my children’s book that I’m writing. And Diana graciously offered to help me with creative ideas for the book. I drove up to the session with excitement, but I left with a full heart and new friends.

Rachael, thank you so much for connecting with me! You and your family are absolutely adorable and I feel so blessed to have been able to spend an hour with you and get a glimpse into your fun life! I can’t wait to see you all again.