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A Golden Family

December 7, 2020

Two words: Golden Retrievers. When Emily opened her back door and Annie and Bella jumped out, I got so excited! They have such personality. And hearts full of love and excitement. We have two Golden Retrievers, so I know the craziness that can ensue with family pictures. But I was excited for it. It is truly beautiful chaos. Annie and Bella came to last year’s family mini session, so I was anxiously waiting for their return. When Emily said, “I hope it’s okay that we brought the girls again,” I was excited for how this years mini session would go. And it was truly golden, indeed

The time together was so fun.

The Butterfly Garden at Tudek Park was a perfect location. The dogs could run. And the kids could play. It was amazing to see how much Eli and Tess had grown since I saw them last. It was humbling to watch them pick the weeds and walk in exploration. But their smiles and giggles while they watched the dogs play, was the best part. Music to every mom’s ears! When I took Pat and Emily for their pictures, you would never know that cute Annie was bounding through the weeds in total excitement! Emily and Pat laughed and said, “Yep. This is our life.” I laughed because I totally understand.

Emily, I look forward to photographing your family every year! Your kids are so adorable, and the dogs bring so much energy and unpredictability to the session; I love every second of it! You and Pat are an absolute joy to be around, and I can’t wait to see how much your beautiful family grows throughout the year. Can’t wait to see you all again!