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A Year of Chaos and Miracles

December 15, 2020

This year has been total chaos. A global pandemic, national shutdowns and masks. The world got flipped upside down and lives have been forever changed. However, not all in the negative sense. People still declared their love for one another and got married. And they celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. And miracles were still born! My time at the studio came to an abrupt halt in April when everything closed, so the Patel family was my first time back in the studio since the chaos began. And our time together was exactly what my heart needed.  

The proper precautions were taken.

But as soon as they walked in the door and I got to hold Divik, I totally forgot about everything negative going on in the world. Because in that moment, everything was beautiful. I was reminded that even in the chaos, we are surrounded by blessings. One-of-a-kind and simple blessings. We brought Divik into the warm studio and got started. Sleeping like an angel, we quickly changed him into an adorable outfit and placed him in front of the backdrop. My heart was overflowing with happiness. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I fell in love with this sweet little boy, so I can only imagine how much his parents are over-the-moon in love with him. He is perfect.

There is something to be said about the feeling that is produced when a newborn baby just stares at you. Honestly, it’s magical. It’s like they’re looking directly into my soul. In between pictures and wrapping, I rocked Divik to calm him down and I immediately felt my serotonin levels increase! But the sweetest moments of the session was when his mom, Dolly, held him. The way he instantly calmed down and drifted off into a peaceful slumber was truly like magic. I love that untouchable bond. It was the first session back in the studio that filled my heart with everything it needed.

Dolly and Ketan, thank you for connecting with me! Your family is absolutely beautiful, and I’m so thankful for the love of your family! I have no idea what my heart was prepared for, but your family filled my heart with so much more than I could have imagined. I wish you all the best of luck on this beautiful adventure into parenthood.