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Still a Magical Year

December 17, 2020

Christmas is a time to reflect. A time to be with family and enjoy the magic of the holiday. But this year it’s going to look a bit different. Thanks Covid-19. However, Meghan and Steve are embracing this Christmas and making it amazing! It is Tessa’s first Christmas. And as a parent, the first year is the most magical. So much change and growth. But beyond that, there is so much excitement and wonderment. I am blessed to call these beautiful people friends. I was honored to take Tessa’s newborn pictures. But I was super excited to take Tessa’s first Christmas pictures.

It was a chilly evening.

But that didn’t stop us from have a great time together. The love of this sweet family produced just enough heat for this mini session. I told my husband to act silly and make funny noises so Tessa would smile. However, it worked for the whole family! Steve thought Bruce was just as entertaining. It always amazes me just how effortless our time together is. And how there is always so much laughter and enthusiasm. But the best part is just watching their adorable family of three blossom into a more beautiful family, every day.

This Christmas may look a bit different for everyone. But the magic of it remains! I witnessed that during our short time together. Meghan and Steve’s pictures together reignited the fire in my heart and reminded me that no matter what 2020 has looked like, this year is still magical in so many ways. Meghan, thank you so much for reaching out to me, again! I pray that you all have an amazing and healthy first Christmas as a family of three!