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A Backroad Adventure

December 21, 2020

I don’t know what it is about backroads, but they always make me happy. Maybe it’s because sometimes I have no idea where they lead, so the wonder in them excites me. Or maybe it’s because they’re usually surrounded by trees and it feels so adventurous. But you add a snowstorm into the mix, and the whole idea of a backroad covered in snow makes me giddy inside! When Tati reached out to me about a mini winter session, I knew I had a find a backroad. It didn’t have an address, but Tati trusted me and I’m so thankful she did!

It was dreamy and romantic.

The way Derek and Tati snuggled into each other for warmth was everything my heart needed. They were natural romantics behind the camera. And the little kisses they gave each other killed me in the sweetest way. I’ve known Derek for several years as he grew up across the street from me. He is a sweet friend, amazing son, and a successful chef. And he compliments his beautiful wife (who is an absolutely amazing baker) perfectly. They wanted some pictures of their sweet little family as well as for their business, Cakes By Tati. When Tati reached out to me, I knew a winter mini session would be perfect.

These two are adventurous. And they have hearts of pure gold. The backroad was secluded, and it felt like we were the only three people in the world. The 30 minutes was filled with romance, a lot of laughter and excitement for what the future would bring. This year has been so backwards and hard for everyone. But I have high hopes that 2021 will be the rainbow after the storm, and the year that these two beautiful humans will shine in their lives. And delicious business!

Thank you, Tati for reaching out to me! You two are such beautiful people and I’m so thankful for Derek’s family and your friendship. You trusted me in my backroad adventure and watching you and Derek grow in your marriage is an absolute pleasure. I can’t wait to see you both again.