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The Adventure of a Lifetime

January 8, 2021

Happy New Year, indeed! New year. And new adventures. But the sweetest adventure is coming for Kayleen and Adam. A time filled with more love than one’s heart can fathom. And some tears coupled with a new level of exhaustion. But every second is worth it. Beyond worth it, really. Maternity sessions are filled with anticipation, excitement and a lot of smiles. Well, this hour was all of that and so much more.

It is a new year, which means a new location.

Adam and Kayleen are both teachers (God bless them) so I decided to try a new location. A location surrounded by education! So naturally, we met at the Penn Sate “Duck pond,” located in the Hintz Alumni Garden on campus. It was the perfect backdrop for the time we spent together. Kayleen and Adam showed up dressed to impress! Coordinating perfectly, Kayleen showed up in a beautiful floral dress. Yes, I said dress in the beginning of January. Not only did she look amazing, but she braved the hour without putting her coat on once! Seriously, she is my hero.

The time together was both giggly, and quiet. But the quiet moments were my favorite. Adam’s hand fit perfectly in Kayleen’s. And their smiles when they looked at each other were priceless. There is no doubt that this little girl is coming into a family who already adores her more than one realizes. Kayleen and Adam are naturals behind the camera. Both are so photogenic. And it is evident that these two beautiful people are totally prepared for their most exciting adventure yet: parenthood.

Kayleen, thank you so much for reaching out to me! I am so excited for you guys as you get ready to embark on the ride into parenthood. You are without-a-doubt going to rock it! I look forward to seeing you all again, soon.