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An Angel Picked By An Angel

February 12, 2021

It was relaxed and cozy. Everything about the time spent together was effortless. And filled with love. Savannah is an angel handpicked by her grandmother in Heaven. There is no doubt in my mind that this little girl is going to do magical things with her life. And she will take her family on sweet adventures. Haley and Tyler are truly one-of-a-kind parents. But they’re even better friends.

Haley’s dad and my dad grew up playing softball together.

So it comes as no surprise that our families saw each other frequently. Fast forward to high school. Haley, her sister Megan and I then played softball together. It was so much fun! That is when I started seeing Haley and Tyler together. And honestly, their love is still just as strong today as it was then. Tyler is never seen without a smile on his face. And his “Hey, how are you!?” is always energetic and kind. Obviously, these two were a match from day one. And their love has only grown stronger now, thanks to Savannah.

Their house was perfectly tucked away. And I was greeted by their two sweet Golden Retrievers. Savannah just wanted to be held. You could tell in her parent’s arms was her happy place. And you could tell that is exactly where Haley and Tyler wanted her to be. One of the sweetest moments is when Haley placed her wedding ring on Savannah’s hand for a picture. This was Tyler’s mom’s ring who passed away when he was little. When the ring was placed on Savannah’s hand and Tyler grabbed her hand, she cracked the cutest sleep smile. My heart melted immediately. She is an angel who has a special angel in Heaven just for her. Savannah’s middle name is named after Tyler’s mom. And one thing is for sure: Cheryl was there the entire time.

Haley and Tyler, it makes my heart overflow with joy watching you two blossom as husband and wife and now as mom and dad. If anyone can do this hard job, it is you two! I am so thankful for you both, and I wish you all so much love, fun and laughter!