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A Long But Worth It Trip

March 8, 2021

It was a long trip. But it was a new born session for a long time friend. A special woman in my life for a number of reasons. So there was never a doubt in my mind that the trip would happen. Melissa and Steve welcomed their sweet boy in February, and now watching their family blossom as a family of four makes my heart swoon. The time was spent taking pictures, making memories and reminiscing. It may have been a long trip, but the trip was beyond worth every minute.

I woke up early and made the trek to Pittsburgh.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Remi. All smiles. It was obvious that she is a proud big sister! Melissa, Remi and I went up to the nursery which was beautifully decorated with dinosaurs! The crocheted dinosaur booties completed Cade’s bedroom décor! Cade spent most of our time eating and sleeping. But mostly eating. His perfectly round cheeks were evidence that he loves to gobble down the milk. I could have stared at his precious cheeks and face for days!

When Melissa and Steve were together with Cade, it took me back to their wedding day. They were all giggles and smiles. Now seeing them as parents to two is very humbling. How they work so well together is encouraging. And the smiles and giggles haven’t stopped! Put all four of them together and it’s like a perfect puzzle masterpiece. I couldn’t be happier for this beautiful family and the life that they have wonderfully created together.

Melissa and I worked together for almost five years. She encouraged me and lifted me up through my infertility journey. This beautiful woman was a rock in my pregnancy when I had fears and anxieties. She is such a beautiful person, amazing friend and even better wife and mom! Melissa, I am so thankful for you! A huge congratulations to you and Steve on your beautiful family! I can not wait to continue to watch your story unfold.