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The Bright Spot On My Day

March 15, 2021

It was a sunny afternoon. And the studio was consumed by white noise and warmth. Courtney arrived with Addison and the studio immediately got a little brighter. She came with a lace outfit, a pink tutu and a matching flower headband. I couldn’t have been more excited to get started. And I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones of my own, but this newborn session instantly put a bright spot on my heart. It made me excited for my own soon-to-be newborn arrival. So, Addison and Courtney were the best part of my day!

I couldn’t get enough of her perfectly plump cheeks.

They complimented her button nose and sweet little lips almost too perfectly. My favorite part about swaddling these little ones is that when we do, their hands often naturally go straight to their face. So, when Addison put her little hand on her cheek, my heart immediately dropped from my chest. I couldn’t have positioned her hands better myself! Not only was she a natural at posing herself, but Addison slept the entire time. Seriously, she was a dream to photograph.

Once Courtney put her in the lace outfit and pink tutu, that was a game changer for me. She looked like such a delicate princess. I hated to move her; I just wanted to stare at her. There was something in that moment that reminded me of such innocence. These little ones are learning an entirely new life. A new world. And here we are trying to teach them while also learning ourselves. In that moment, I was humbled to be taking pictures of such a miracle.

Courtney, I am so excited for your family as you embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! I pray that you cherish every moment. Addison is a true gift, and I’m so thankful that you reached out to me to photograph such a special moment! I hope to see you again soon.