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A Beautiful Family

March 25, 2021

I was greeted with smiles the moment I walked through the front door. By everyone, really, but Karston’s little dimples made my mom-heart melt. It was beautiful. He excitedly walked me up the stairs and showed me to Kaiden’s nursery. Talk about beautiful; the nursery was decorated with thoughtful little details and simple decorations. It looked straight from a Pottery Barn catalogue. After the nursery, our time was spent in the master bedroom. And the time together couldn’t have been more enjoyable!

There were three big windows in the bedroom.

So the natural light coming in was a dream come true! I started with pictures of Kaiden, but I have to be honest: Karston almost stole the show! He was a natural in front of the camera. So if anyone knows a contact for modeling with Baby Gap, sign him up. He kept saying, “cheese” and posed himself both sitting up and laying down with his baby brother. Put the whole family together, and it was like magic behind the camera. Alissa and Kris have grown a beautiful life together. And they created the most adorable boys!

The way Alissa and Kris fit so perfectly snuggled into each other was beautiful to witness. It was like a perfect piece of art so precisely hand-crafted by God. There were a lot of giggles. And quiet moments that passed too quickly. When they looked at each other, it was like watching two perfectly paired people saying, “I love you,” with their eyes. So seeing them with their perfect baby boy was beyond enjoyable. The time they each had with Kaiden individually was my favorite though. The way Kaiden so quietly slept in each of their arms was evidence that that’s exactly where he wanted to be.

Alissa and Kris, I am so happy for you on your newest adventure! A huge congratulations to your family. Thank you for reaching out to me and including me in this super special time! I loved our conversations and laughs. You two are incredible and I wish you all the luck in the future!