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Confidence and Laughter

April 19, 2021

She walked out of her car with confidence. I was greeted with an, “It’s so nice to meet you!” And I knew in that moment, the hour would go too fast. Katie and Andrew were troopers as we walked all over, chasing the little sunlight left. She never said no to an idea. And she approached everything with a smile. We casually chatted the entire time, and I left feeling like I got a really good sense of who this beautiful family is. They are a confident, down-to-earth family who is over-the-moon excited to meet their little angel. And they are a family that I will never forget.

The sun peaked out perfectly from behind the clouds.

Andrew made Katie laugh. A lot. I couldn’t always see what he was doing, but when instructed to make Katie laugh, he totally delivered! Their laughter was like music to my ears! I could tell that the awkward, “Okay, go ahead and look at each other,” moments felt a little off, but they totally nailed it! However, the way they both laughed when they did look at each other, made me want them to never look anywhere else

The confidence in their love for each other and pure enjoyment together is remarkable! The organic smiles and laughter is every photographer’s dream. But some of the best parts were the quiet moments. The moments where Katie melted into Andrew’s arms. When she closed her eyes with a little smile on her face, her comfort and relaxation radiated. And it was captivating. Every once in a while I would peak over at Andrew as I was photographing Katie, and his smirk said it all. It was as though he was saying, “Yep. She’s mine!”

Katie and Andrew, I wish you all so much luck as the best is truly yet to come! You two are going to make amazing parents, and I’m so excited to see this journey unfold for you!