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A Bond Over ketchup

May 31, 2021

It all started with Ketchup. Yes, you read that right – ketchup. That’s where this story begins years ago. So, the anticipation and excitement for this session was killing me! As a mom, and having known Lauren for so long, this session is held near to my heart. The moments of preparation are cherished. And the time before she gets here so special. Wondering who this sweet little girl will look like. And what she will be when she grows up. All these thoughts and feelings are wrapped up into one little miracle. It’s hard to believe, but soon Lauren and Steve will become a family of three. And their world will never be the same.

We bonded over a love for ketchup.

And I mean, we really love Ketchup. The first time I met Lauren, that was a topic of discussion. And I knew in that moment that Lauren was something special! I met Lauren before we moved to Pittsburgh, but really got to know her throughout the five years we lived there. She is best friends with my cousin, Sydney. And I totally see why! She has an infectious personality, is always ready for a good time, and she has the kindest heart of gold. I have a video of her and my son slow dancing at Sydney’s wedding this past October, and it is a video that I will keep and watch forever! So, when I found out she was pregnant, I could not have been more excited.

She stepped out of her car looking beautiful, as always. As we walked over to Mellon Park in Pittsburgh, we talked about the building excitement to meet this baby girl. She showed me her beautiful bracelet that Sydney got her with her daughter’s name on it: Evelyn Grace. It was simple. But it was a sentimental detail of the session. Lauren was a champion and walked all over the park with me and gave into all of my ideas! She was truly glowing. It brought tears to eyes knowing what’s coming next for her and Steve.

Lauren and Steve, I am beyond thrilled for you to become a beautiful family of three! Lauren, you will be an amazing mom because your heart has so much love in it, this little girl doesn’t even know how lucky she is. I just hope she likes ketchup as much as we do! Congratulations on your pending miracle. I can’t wait to meet her!

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