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Something Special, Indeed

May 31, 2021

Graduating from college is something special. It’s something to reflect on. And something to be cherished, as the next big chapter in life is really beginning. But when you spent four years of high school together and four years of college, it’s something a bit more meaningful and emotional. At that point, together you have seen all the major changes in life. Learning to drive. Choosing a college. Going to prom. Graduating from High School together, and now college. It’s something special that they will tell their kids about. It’s something special to me because they are locals just like me.

It all started at State College Area High School.

Or State High as everyone around here refers to it as. When you grow up in this town, you learn that State High is just really a little campus of Penn State. And let’s be honest, Penn State is in our own back yard. We grow up being around campus. And it’s often expected that “locals” will go there. However, that isn’t always the case. But for these four, it was exactly that and they made the most of every second they were given in this beautiful town they call “Home.”

We met at Old Main, and the dynamic between the four of them was comforting. It was relaxed and enjoyable because it really was like a small family. The way they encouraged, assisted and helped one another throughout our time together was something really special to me. It wasn’t until we were at the Penn State University sign that I learned that they too were locals! In that moment, the session really hit home for me because it took me back to what being a senior in college was like. But the best part was listening to them talk about post-college plans. Knowing that they would all be involved in each other’s lives.

Annie, thank you for reaching out to me! Your friends are amazing, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful friendship. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments, and I wish you all the best of luck on the rest of your journeys!

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