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True Love

June 6, 2021

You know that feeling when you know your in the presence of true love? Well, that is exactly how I feel every time I’m with Katilina and Dyson. This mommy-son duo is one of my favorites, and they hold such a unique place in my heart. Every time there is laughter. And every time it is pure joy. The love in Katilina’s eyes when she’s looking at Dyson, and the delight on Dyson’s face when he’s with his mom is something I will never get enough of. I leave every session with them wanting more!

Dyson and my son share the same birthday.

So, it excites me every time I’m with them. I always feel like I’m with a longtime friend. The sessions are easy and relaxed. And I love taking pictures of Dyson because it feels like I’m taking pictures with my own son. Energetic and smiley are just two out of many words to describe Dyson. He is full of life and exploration. The Boalsburg Military Museum was the perfect location for us because the trees made it feel secluded and the field was dreamy. It was everything this mom-heart needed! I could have watched Dyson play with dandelions and sticks all day. The way he explored the whole area was refreshing.

Katilina and Dyson looked great in their coordinating colors! But her hat was my favorite! I love accessories, so when she showed up with the hat I was practically jumping up and down. The evening couldn’t have gone better, honestly. I really cannot wait until our next time together because I love watching Dyson grow, and I love my conversations with Katilina. Her heart is pure, and her and Dyson’s love for each other is something you read about in books; it’s perfect.

Katilina, thank you so much for reaching out to me! You and Dyson make my heart so full of life. Thank you for your sincerity and love for our sessions – they mean the world. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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