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Harry Potter for the Win

June 29, 2021

I started to read the first book, but I never actually finished it. However, I did see some of the movies! Harry Potter is such a long-time loved piece of work. I never became fully immersed in everything Harry Potter. But after this sweet birthday session, I think my mind may have changed. Roxas could not have been cuter in his outfit, and when he held his wand, it truly was magic! This incredible family has convinced me to want to both read the books and see the movies. It was a travel to get there, but every second of our time together was so worth it.

They brought all the books with them.

Which completed the décor for the session. We met at a park near Harrisburg which was perfect for the cake smash. It was along a bike path next to some woods. The location was recommended by Leah, and it completed the feel for the theme. When we were talking about all things Harry Potter, Leah mentioned that her and Jeff read bits and pieces of the book to Roxas every night before bed. This little boy is going to grow up with such an imagination and a love for books! I first met the family a year ago when I did Roxas’ newborn pictures. We connected and had so much fun together then. But this session was even better!

Roxas was all smiles. He was totally aware of my camera and smiled every time he looked at me. It was so humbling to look at him knowing how much he has grown in the last year. Not only did he love the camera, but he loved the cake! First cake-smash sessions are often hit or miss as some kids like it and others don’t. But Roxas was totally into it! He didn’t smash it, but he was enjoying every part of eating his birthday cake. He was so content just sitting there, smiling and indulging in his delicious cake! And I could have sat there and photographed him for hours.

Leah and Jeff, you guys have created such a beautiful family! I am so thankful that you reached back out to me for this fun session. Roxas is a total gem to be around, and I wish you all nothing but love and fun on his next trip around the sun, and every one thereafter!  

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