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July 5, 2021

We changed locations at the last minute. And I’m so glad we did! The Penn State Arboretum was absolutely beautiful that evening. We met in the parking lot and walked behind the water fountain together. We chatted along the way and got caught up on the latest family events! I saw Alyssa and Cody last Fall for pictures, but since then I have done maternity sessions for both of Alyssa’s sisters. Both of which now have their sweet bundles of joy! It is an exciting time in their life. But what makes it one thousand times more exciting is that Alyssa and Cody are expecting their second miracle! Words can’t describe how excited I am for this sweet family. Talking and chasing Harper around was the perfect way to end the day!

Alyssa and Cody struggled with infertility issues.

Which is what makes my heart the most excited for them and their miracle. We connected on a level of heart break and now total joy! This session, however, was all about Harper. And I couldn’t have done it without Alyssa and Cody. Photographing kids is a team effort! Getting them to laugh, smile and stand still requires a lot of patience. But everything about it is so enjoyable. Kids are so uniquely who they are, and this is the sweetest age. Full of adventure and exploration. You can see the wonderment in their eyes as they explore a new area, and I can’t get enough of it.

It was a wonderful time together. And following Harper around as she explored was exactly what I was looking for that evening! Alyssa and Cody, I am so excited for your family on your next sweet adventure. I pray that everything continues to go well, and I very much look forward to seeing you soon

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