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Milestones and Memories

July 21, 2021

It is so important to capture every milestone. Because all too often we think to ourselves, “Oh it’s no big deal. I’ll remember this,” but we find ourselves looking back struggling to remember the details. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of big milestones for this family. Maternity memories, newborn memories and now six month and Christening memories. Every time there is laughter and reminiscing. And with each passing moment, we find ourselves fondly looking back on the previous time together. Memories are such a gift.

It’s hard to believe that this sweet girl is six months old.

I feel like it was just a month ago I was taking pictures of Kayleen and Adam when they were anxiously waiting Cece’s arrival. And now she is smiling, giggling and getting such a sweet personality. And her love for music is my favorite! There was singing at their newborn session, so I was hoping for more this time. And there absolutely was! Disney songs were flowing from their phone, and it was amazing. I caught myself singing along way too many times. It worked wonders for Cece. And me.

Her Christening gown was a gift, and it was gorgeous. She looked like an angel. It was embroidered with her initials and the bonnet could later be turned into a handkerchief at her wedding! Her aunt also got her a precious Pandora bracelet with a beautiful cross on it. Talk about cherished memories. Watching your kids get baptized is one of the greatest cherished gifts, I think. I am so thankful that I got to be a part of yet again, another beautiful milestone for this sweet family.

Kayleen, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Your family is such a sweet gift, and I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know you and watch sweet Cece get cuter with every time we’re together! I look forward to seeing you all again, soon.

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