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August 18, 2021

First was Everleigh. She was my first ever newborn session in the studio. So, seeing her now back in the studio, as a big sister, made my heart skip beats. It made me stop to think how fast time really does fly. I felt like it was just yesterday I was taking pictures of her in a pink tutu. Now she takes on a new role: big sister and best friend. Our time together was sweet. It was quiet. But it was filled with so much love!  

Neither a peep was made, nor a tear was shed.

Neither a peep was made, nor a tear was shed. Adaleigh slept the entire time and looked like a complete angel doing so! From the moment they walked into the studio to the time they walked out, she was absolutely perfect. Hailey came in knowing what to expect, but was sweet enough to let me take on my own creativity with the session. It was so nice chatting with Hailey about life and kids. So much ad changed since I last saw her, but she was still just as sweet and loving as I remember.

Not only was Adaleigh amazing, but Everleigh sat quietly the entire time playing with Hailey. That is HARD for a toddler to do! So, when it was her time for pictures, she smiled so proudly. It is obvious she is used to getting her picture taken because as soon as I held the camera up, she excitedly said, “Cheese!” The way she looked at her baby sister and gently touched her head, was everything my heart needed getting ready to welcome a second child into our own life. Everleigh is so gentle and sweet. It goes without question that she is already an amazing big sister and will proudly continue her duties!

Hailey, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Your family is absolutely adorable, and I am so excited for you as you continue on this beautiful adventure. I sincerely hope that life treats you well, and I really look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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