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Smiles, smiles and more Smiles

August 24, 2021

Smiles all around. Eliana turned one. What’s not to smile about? Not only is she a sweet miracle, but her first trip around the sun was marked with impressionable milestones and memories. She may be tiny, but she is fierce! There is a determination in her walk that, as a mom, is something we all dream of watching. And Julie understands that dream better than most! Year one was beautiful in so many ways. However, we’re all excited to watch how year two unfolds for this beautiful family.

Eliana loves her rocking chair.

Which I learned was Julie’s from when she was a kid. It is a sweet family piece, and it is in great shape! It was the perfect little detail to this fun cake smash session. And the large “E” was made just for her – another precious detail. There was no shortage of smiles from Eliana. She has this zest for life that is so joyful and encouraging to be around. I could have photographed her all day! But the best part was the cake smash. She tried to get past the icing with her fingers, and when she realized she was struggling a bit, she just leaned forward and took a big bite out of it! I laughed so hard. It was the cutest thing to see! What was even cuter was the noise she was making when she was enjoying her beautiful cake. It was like a euphoric hum of pure joy!

Julie, I am so thankful for your sweet family! Eliana is an angel, and I am so excited to see what year two brings for you. Thank you so much for reaching out to me, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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