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The Perfect Timing

August 24, 2021

They always say, “Babies come on their own time.” And boy is that true! Sweet little Liam couldn’t wait to come into the world, so he entered it about two weeks early. But he is perfect. He has the cutest cheeks, and the most beautiful full head of hair. I had been in contact with Ebony for a few months prior to his arrival, and when they arrived at the studio, I knew it was going to be an awesome session! Babies do come on their own time. And Liam came at the perfect time.

This was my last newborn session before maternity leave.

So going into the session, I had mixed emotions. I was sad to be missing my newborn families, but I was excited to prepare for a newborn of our own. And Liam made me even more excited! Ebony is so relaxed and laid back. The way she and Edwin looked at Liam when I was preparing to begin the session was so endearing. I kept hearing them whisper in the background, “He is so cute! Oh my goodness, he is so cute.” And wow, were they correct! I know I say it all the time, but wow – newborn babies look like such little angels when they sleep! I love it!

When Liam wasn’t sleeping, he just wanted to be fed and held. The way he immediately calmed down whenever Ebony held him was such a testament to the power of a mom’s love. The instant calmness and comfort. It was beautiful. We also discovered that Liam loves to lay on his belly! When we put him in the little bed on his belly, he calmed down and fell right asleep. It made for better pictures than I had imagined. The simplicity of our time together was everything.

Ebony, thank you so much for reaching out to me and thank you for your patience during this session! You and Edwin are rockstar parents, and I’m so excited to see how your beautiful adventure together as a family unfolds.

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