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A Beautiful Home and a Perfect Family

January 14, 2022

Their house is so warm and welcoming, and it’s decorated like an HGTV show. I was greeted by their two adorable dogs, and since I have two energetic dogs myself, I immediately felt at home. I have been with this family several times now, and I always feel a huge sense of comfort when I’m around them. Maybe it’s because we’re in the same phase of life, but I think so much of it is because Alyssa and Cody are so genuine and easy to be around. I always look forward to our times together, and this time was even better than I imagined because Lincoln is now apart of their beautiful family.

The natural light was every photographer’s dream.

Beautiful rays of sun were providing warmth and light from every window. And the nursery? Unbelievable. I was amazed by it! The details on the boat in the corner of the room was so thought out. The whole thing looked like it should have been in a baby magazine. But when they brought Lincoln into the nursery, it was as if time stood still. He is perfect.

His tiny body is a miracle. I could have stared at his sweet face for hours. He is one lucky little boy because he has the sweetest big sister who clearly adores him! Harper always wanted to touch him and she was more than happy to give him kisses when we asked. It’s humbling to me because I first met Harper when she turned one, and now she is a proud big sister which makes my heart overflow with excitement!

I remember when I first met them how organic Alyssa and Cody were together. Everything came with ease and their excitement and love for each other was effortless. I loved them as a family of three, but I’m obsessed over their perfect family of four. The time together in their beautiful home was far better than I expected. It was nothing short of amazing. And I’m so thankful.

Alyssa and Cody, thank you for welcoming me into your gorgeous home! Your family (fur-babies included) is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes you.

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