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ONEderful Time of the Year

January 14, 2022

The first trip around the sun is complete, and it was a “ONEderful” one, indeed. Charlotte has changed so much in her first year, and it is humbling to watch first-hand. It seems like just yesterday I was taking maternity pictures for Lauren and Ethan, and then doing Charlotte’s sweet newborn session. It has all served as a precious reminder of how fast time goes. It’s one thing to see pictures on social media, but it’s far better seeing these sweet little ones in real life. When Lauren, Ethan and Charlotte came into the studio, I was blown away by how much Charlotte had grown.

She is such a happy little girl with the sweetest little smile.

And, oh my goodness, did she look adorable in her velvet dress! Although I’m not surprised, Lauren came with gorgeous décor for the session and one-of-a-kind flower crowns created by her talented mom. We all walked into the studio, and once we started taking pictures, Charlotte was all smiles. She loves her pacifier, but not nearly as much as she loves her mom and dad playing with her pacifier. It is obvious that Charlottes whole world is her mom and dad. The way they all played together was heart-warming. But personally, my favorite part of this session was the cake portion.

Lauren pulled out the pink cake with white snowflakes, and I was blown away. I was beyond impressed with Lauren when told me that she made and decorated the cake herself. However, again, I’m not surprised because that’s just Lauren. Not only does she have a genuine heart of gold, but she is so creative and talented! And the cake must have been delicious because Charlotte loved it. She started by just poking at it with her finger, but once she got a taste of the sugar, she was engulfed by the taste! She was making a wonderful mess and loved every second of it. And I loved watching her!

Lauren and Ethan, as always, I loved seeing you all! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of so many fun moments. I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

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