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Blue Eyed Princess

January 19, 2022

Her eyes matched her outfit, which was a gorgeous shade of blue. It was her first birthday session, which honestly, was hard to wrap my head around. It feels like just last week I was meeting Kayleen and Adam for the first time on Penn State’s campus for their maternity session. They say time goes by fast, and I know that because I have kids of my own, but every time I’m with a family for the second or third (or fourth) time I’m always humbled by how much truth is held in that statement.

Cece was all smiles.

And once again, our time together was filled with laughter and songs! However, this time it was Cocomelon and not Disney. Regardless, I absolutely love how much Kayleen and Adam sing to Cece. But I love, a million times over, how much Cece loves it when they sing to her. Her eyes light up and her smile screams, “I LOVE my parents!”

Our time together is always easy. We have now bonded over the births of their first baby and my second. It is always such a sweet time! I’m always humbled when I’m with them because I’m reminded to slow down. Life and time needs to slow down. Their family is a gift to me and I’m so excited to think about their countless adventures as Cece makes her next trip around the sun!

Kayleen, thank you so much for reaching out to me! Cece just gets cuter every time I see her, and I absolutely cannot wait to see your family this summer!

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