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A Warm and Loving Family

March 11, 2022

It was a cold weekend. But the house was so warm and cozy. David was sleeping like an angel in his swing and Zane, the proud big brother, was walking around with the biggest smile on his face. Valentina has an eye for both home and fashion design because not only was her house decorated so warm, but the family was dressed perfectly. She bought the cutest sweater outfit from H&M kids for David. Seriously, I couldn’t stop talking about it. My time there did not disappoint! It didn’t take long to learn that Valentina’s heart is pure, and it is a heart for her family.

I learned a lot about this sweet family.

Nathaniel is the Co-Founder of an awesome business in State College called, Cutting Edge Tree professionals. They offer a variety of services from tree cutting and stump removal to education on tree wellness and fertilization. I learned a lot about the business, and it is obvious that Nathaniel is proud of the company he works for and the people he works with. I gather though that much of his pride comes from being a dad and husband. The way he held David and seemed to soak in all of his details was beyond heart-warming. And he could make Zane smile and laugh like no other. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Zane was obviously the proudest big brother. He smiled so big when he was with David, and he was the champion of pictures! I was able to get several of just him being adorable all by himself. His big blue eyes were enough to melt my heart into a puddle. Zane and David both have the most gorgeous eyes! Add Valentina into the mix, and it was pure beauty. There is something so fun about being a boy-mom and Valentina has it mastered! She spoke with a tender voice and held David with such admiration for his life. Watching their family of four together made my heart so full; I was humbled to be around the warmth and love of this beautiful family.

Valentina, thank you so much for reaching out to me! I am so excited for your family on your next adventure in life, and I hope to see you again soon.

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