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The One where they Get Married

April 10, 2022

You know that moment when you make friends with someone and realize, “Wow. We’re so much alike it’s scary,” well that is this story. The story begins back in 2012 after I started working in Pittsburgh. Missy and I connected over sarcastic personalities and a strange sense of humor. That was the moment I knew I met a friend for life. We bonded over the television show Friends. And the rest, as they say, is history.

She was the Susan to my Carol.

With my husband of course being named, Ross. We joked because although Bruce and I were married, the three of us were often together. Thus, the nicknames that were adopted.  Through work, relationships and life we always found a way to relate whatever was happening around us to the television show Friends, and it always made the moment lighter. Laughter and Friends quotes were shared on a regular basis. The moments and memories together were perfect. But not as perfect as the new Mr. and Mrs.

Missy loves traveling and adventure. She lives for it, really. So, when I met Ben and realized that he too was just as adventurous as she, I knew that their story was far from over. They compliment each other perfectly. He is the Ross to her Rachel. Their courthouse wedding was intimate yet energized. They smiled and giggled the entire time, both during the ceremony and during pictures. It was evident to anyone around that they are beyond excited to start this next chapter of their lives together – their greatest adventure yet.

Missy and Ben, I am so excited for you as you begin your next chapter together, “The One where you Get Married.” You both have found your lobsters and I’m really excited to see where this life takes you two! I wish you a lifetime of adventure and fun travels. And as they say in the theme song, “I’ll be there for you.” Love to you both!

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